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for Older Adults for Service Providers for Task Force Members

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Peninsula Volunteers, Inc. is one of the nation's leading organizations in the provision of services designed to support the welfare of senior members of our community.
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Join the Task Force

The Task Force welcomes individuals and organizations that are committed to reducing injury among older adults in our community. Task Force members participate in bi-monthly meetings, sub-committee meetings, and other Task Force activities. Each member commits to this minimum investment of time, and to represent the Task Force along with their respective agencies when participating in community and direct-service work. 

Members enjoy the following benefits through participation in the Task Force:

  • Participation and recognition as a member of a successful team responding to community needs
  • Access to Task Force resources and materials (i.e. Sit and Be Fit Fall Prevention Videos, Fall Prevention Booklets in multiple languages, Power Point presentations about Fall Prevention)
  • Networking opportunities Access to expertise and best practices of fall prevention
  • Connection to local, state and federal initiatives

If you are interested in becoming a member, or learning more about the Task Force, contact us directly by email.