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ABOUT the Fall Prevention Task Force

In San Mateo County, falls account for 80% of accidental injury deaths in individuals over the age of 85, and 20% in ages 75 to 84.

The San Mateo County Fall Prevention Task Force was developed in March 2003 and brings together a coalition of more than 25 different community provider agencies, hospitals, nonprofit organizations, senior centers and private service providers, all serving older adults in San Mateo County.

The mission of the San Mateo County Fall Prevention Task Force is to decrease falls among older adults through advocacy, resource development and community education.

Since its inception, the San Mateo County Fall Prevention Task Force has created important resources for preventing falls in older adults and collaborated for the most efficient use and dissemination of these resources, such as:

  • The Task Force collaborated with Sit & Be Fit TV producers to create exercise videos for fall prevention. It has reproduced and disseminated more than 1,000 videos to older adults throughout the county. The videos are available in Spanish and Chinese.
  • An important booklet on fall prevention developed by Alameda County Senior Injury Prevention Project (SIPP) was translated into Spanish and Chinese, and was reproduced for dissemination in local communities.
  • The Task Force held two fall prevention training of trainers courses for individuals working with older adults in physical activity programs to integrate fall prevention practices into their work.

The five goals that guide all activities undertaken by the San Mateo County Fall Prevention Task Force are:

  • Develop and sustain educational programs, resources and tools focusing on home modification, exercise, medication management and other contributors of falls.
  • Connect and provide the community with fall prevention resources to meet the needs of a variety of individuals and settings.
  • Serve as a clearinghouse and network for fall research information and advocacy efforts, and as a connection to state-wide fall prevention initiatives.
  • Advocate on behalf of older adults in the county for funding of fall prevention programs and resources.
  • Strive to achieve cultural competency and equal access in all task force activities.

The San Mateo County Fall Prevention Task Force looks forward to continuing its important work to help prevent falls in older adults in our community. For more information about the Task Force, or to find out how to join, please contact the Co-Chairs:

Ellen Corman, MRA Email
Farewell to Falls
Stanford University Medical Center's Trauma & Emergency Services

Patrice Christensen, PHN Email
Injury Prevention Program Coordinator
San Mateo County Health Department