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Local Happenings

Next task force meeting will be on 11/16/17 at 1-3pm. Sequoia Health and Wellness, 749 Brewster  Ave, Redwood City, 94063.  Click here for a map.

Mark your calendar for our meetings in 2017:  11/16/17.

The 10th Annual Fall Prevention Awareness Day

September 22, 2017: Let's celebrate 10 years Standing Together to Prevent Falls 

Stay Safe and Confident: Take a FREE Fall Prevention Class

FREE Stepping On Fall Prevention and Matter of Balance classes close to you. 

Want to learn more about Stepping On Fall Prevention program? Watch this video and call 1-844-NoFALLS (1-844-663-2557) to find out the nearest class to you in San Mateo County. 

Improve your awareness in Fall Prevention 

Do you know that falls are the #1 cause of injury, hospital visits, and death from injury among people 65+? Help change that with these six ways to prevent falls .

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You have the "Power" to prevent a fall!

Watch the video to learn more about four evidence-based fall prevention program: Tai Chi, Stepping on, Matter of Balance and Otago exercise program. 

Stanford Hospital "Farewell to Falls"


If you’ve fallen recently or are at risk for falls, you may be eligible to participate in a free, home-based fall prevention program.
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Task Force in Action




Welcome to the Fall Prevention Coalition of San Mateo County website

The Fall Prevention Coalition of San Mateo County informs, collaborates, and raises awareness to prevent falls among older adults living in our community. 

Fall Prevention Coalition of San Mateo County 2007-2016 report

Member Spotlight


OT House Calls is a general partnership between 2 Licensed Occupational Therapists- whom together have 38 yrs experience. An OT house call is done in the convenience of your own home, providing: fall prevention tips, continued therapy after a stroke, brain injury, joint replacement or other medical event. The goal of an OT house call is to help you regain your independence and live safely and productively in your home. Visit our website at www.OTHouseCalls.com or call today to set up an OT house call - 650-868-9438 or 650-464-4429 (no doctor's order necessary). 

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sidebox2.jpgThe Task Force welcomes individuals and organizations that are committed to reducing injury among older adults in our community.

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